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Since 1969, Plastic Components has been a leading manufacturer of plastic trims like corner beads, control joints, vents, slip joints, reveals and more. Our 700-item line includes products for almost any jobsite condition – from freezing cold to extreme heat. All deliver good looks, ease of handling, moisture management, reduced labor costs, superior field performance and proven compliance with ASTM standards. Our GutterGuard Pro™ gutter protection system was developed to give building professionals a rust-free, damage-resistant and economical alternative to galvanized and aluminum products and accessories.


Plastic Components, Inc. warrants that GutterGuard Pro™, as manufactured by Plastic Components, Inc., when properly applied and used in and for the manner which it is manufactured in accordance with ASTM standards D1784-97 shall be free from defects and will perform as stated. Plastic Components, Inc. sole responsibility under this warranty shall be for replacement of material only and excluding any labor or installation cost, and for material that is manufactured by Plastic Components, Inc. which has been deemed defective through manufacturing only, and not product which has been damaged during installation or improperly installed.

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