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Thank you for choosing GUTTERGUARD PRO™ as the solution to your leaf and debris problem. GUTTERGUARD PRO is an effective, maintenance-friendly product that significantly reduces the need to clean and repair your gutter system and protects your home investment for many years to come.


The GUTTERGUARD PRO system is ideal for gutters which have been installed with standard hidden extruded hangers. They can also be used with stamped hangers or nail and ferrulles.
  • Clean gutters thoroughly. Make sure they are functioning properly and correctly sloped.
  • Verify that there is enough room to install the GUTTERGUARD PRO (approximately 3/4 inch (2 cm) or more between the top of the back of the gutter and the roof shingles).
  • For new construction, we recommend spacing the gutter brackets minimum of 2 ft. (60 cm) on center, to allow the GUTTERGUARD PRO to work properly.


  • Start at an endcap. Place a section of GUTTERGUARD PRO on top of the gutter. Allow approximately 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) from the endcap to allow for expansion of materials. The back of the GUTTERGUARD PRO goes under shingle at a 45° angle.
  • Press GUTTERGUARD PRO into the back of the gutter so that the "Y" spring rests tightly against the rear of the gutter and the hanger. The fastener should be in the center of the "Y". Verify that no roofing shingles or paper are pinched into the back of the "Y". If the shingles are close to the gutter hangers, you may need to roll GUTTERGUARD PRO under the shingles by sliding it along the hangers at a 45°angle until the top edge of the Y is under the shingle edge.
GutterGuard Installation
  • Continue applying pressure on the material, creating a slight curve in the center. At the same time force the material down at the lip (front) edge of the gutter. The material should snap into place and lock onto the front of the gutter. If your gutter is installed with extruded hangers you should not require any fasteners for the installation. When installed properly, GUTTERGUARD PRO's drip edge should slightly overhang the front of the gutter. This design prevents the drips which typically run down the face of the gutter, creating the condition known as "tiger striping."
GutterGuard Drill Option
  • GUTTERGUARD PRO is pre-notched with an overlap so that the next piece can be placed either over or under the overlap joint depending on the location of the nearest hanger. OPTION: If local building codes or gutter design require mechanical fasteners, we recommend using stainless steel fasteners – 3 to 4 fasteners per 10 ft. section – to fasten the material to the lip edge of the gutter. DO NOT overdrive screws. A slotted hole punch tool is ideal for pre-punching holes in the "lip" to allow room for expansion and contraction of the material.


When corners are required, simply measure the length of screen required to reach the corner. Cut the appropriate degree corner on the GUTTERGUARD PRO to match the angle of the existing gutter using a miter saw or snips or other cutting device. On the opposing side cut the matching angle and cut back the front and rear edges of the GUTTERGUARD PRO to form an approximately 3/4 inch (2 cm) overlap on the angle. Continue to install in a uniform direction around the house per these instructions.

GutterGuard Corners

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