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Our GutterGuard Pro™ gutter protection system was developed to give building professionals a rust-free, damage-resistant and economical alternative to galvanized and aluminum products and accessories. Manufactured with impact-resistant, lead-free PVC, GutterGuard Pro is listed by Warnock-Hersey and ASTM to meet or exceed their D1784 and C1063 standards for tensile and flexural strength, dimensional stability and weather-resistance. We are the only PVC trim manufacturer to submit its products to an independent third party testing organization for evaluation and certification. UV resistant GutterGuard Pro™…
  • Prevents debris and leaf build-up in gutters
  • SNAPS-ON to install– No tools
  • Features a unique drip edge at front that prevents ugly "tiger striping" on the gutter face – and more holes per square inch for efficient water management
  • Fits most 5" and 6" gutter systems, resting at a consistent angle independent of roof pitch and gutter slope
  • Installs with any roofing materials
  • Snaps off for easy maintenance
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Available in four colors… white, tan, dark brown and grey to accommodate and blend with the majority of your gutter color options.
Gutter Clutter™ Gone! …with Plastic Components' durable, affordable, one-piece gutter protection system. 1-800-327-7077

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Class A Fire Rating

Drip Edge prevents streaks on gutter face Gutter Guard Pro's unique drip edge technology helps to prevent the dirty "tiger striping" which commonly occurs on the face of the gutter. Deflecting dirt and debris away from the face of the gutter helps keep your home looking like new.

Fits most 5" and 6" gutter systems Gutter Guard Pro is designed to rest on the mounting hangers of any 5- or 6-inch continuous gutter system. This allows the system to function at a consistent angle independent of the roof pitch and gutter slope. Gutter Guard Pro can also be installed along with any type of roofing materials.

No fasteners, Snap-on/Snap-off design Unlike other products, the unique lock-in design of Gutter Guard Pro requires no fasteners. This means that in the event that your gutters require maintenance, the system can quickly and easily be removed and reinstalled without hassle. Plus, Gutter Guard Pro snaps in at a consistent angle – regardless of the roof pitch or gutter slope.

Available in three colors Gutter Guard Pro is available in white, tan, dark brown and grey to accommodate and blend in with the majority of your gutter color options.

Avoid Gutter Clutter™ and get the best in Protection!

Technical Data

Gutter Guard PRO™ Gutter Protection System

Product Number GGP Dimension Color Pieces Per Box
GGP5000 5" (127 mm) White 13
GGP5000T 5" (127 mm) Tan 13
GGP5000DB 5" (127 mm) Dark Brown 13
GGP5000G 5" (127 mm) Grey 13
GGP6000 6" (162 mm) White 13
GGP6000T 6" (162 mm) Tan 13
GGP6000DB 6" (162 mm) Dark Brown 13
GGP6000G 6" (162 mm) Grey 13

Available in 10 ft (3 m) lengths.


Gutter Guard Pro™ is a one-piece unit, made of heavy duty UV resistant PVC. It's designed to easily slip under the shingle and snap into place without any fasteners. This allows for reduced installation time and for installers/distributors, fewer parts to inventory. The drip edge removes water from the gutter eliminating unsightly streaks. Ends are precut for easy overlapping of each 10 ft. section.


Gutter Guard Pro™ shall be Plastic Components, Inc. #________. All exterior accessories shall be of PVC material conforming to ASTM standards D1784, C1063 and D4216. They shall be used where specified by the architect and installed per industry standards.

Manufactured by Plastic Components Gutter Guard Pro is manufactured by Plastic Components, Inc. Since 1969, Plastic Components has been supplying plastic trims to the construction industry that meet or exceed the high standards set by ASTM and Warnock-Hersey.


Plastic Components, Inc. warrants that Gutter Guard Pro™, as manufactured by Plastic Components, Inc., when properly applied and used in and for the manner which it is manufactured in accordance with ASTM standards D1784-97 shall be free from defects and will perform as stated. Plastic Components, Inc. sole responsibility under this warranty shall be for replacement of material only and excluding any labor or installation cost, and for material that is manufactured by Plastic Components, Inc. which has been deemed defective through manufacturing only, and not product which has been damaged during installation or improperly installed.